Comprehensive online THEORY Courses designed for ALL Micropigmentation Professionals

By Christine Comans

What Our Students Have to Say

Excellent course, covers a lot of information which isn't taught in cosmetic tattooing courses. Well worth the time and cost. Chris is so lovely and such a positive and beautiful person. I would absolutely recommend this course
Katrina Da Silva
From Sydney Australia
Christine is so professional & knowledgeable & her teaching style is terrific. I highly recommend her ColourEd course
Jane Simpson
From Sydney Australia
I absolutely loved this course and would highly recommend it to anyone, Thank you Christine x
Debbie Wild
From Adelaide South Australia
Christine is amazing - she makes colour theory interesting and interactive. Loved every minute and would absolutely recommend ColourEd.
Deb Challis
From Auckland New Zealand
Every time I see a post on social media pop up by Christine I stop what I'm doing because I know it's going to be good. Well, this course is not only good it is fantastic. There is so much detailed content I honestly felt I was taking a college course. I am amazed at not only how much I didn't know before taking this course but I how much I do know now! This in-depth course is a must for any serious areola artist. Being able to successfully transform a woman's breast by means of a three-dimensional tattoo is a blessing to be able to do so but to also be equipped with the underlying knowledge that Christine provides in this course will not only make you a better artist but also afford you an understanding that will surpass any training you've previously had. Thank you Christine for putting together such a beautiful course and for sharing such interesting and valuable lessons on how miraculous the human body works and heals.
Kris Adams Johnson
From Griffith, Indiana USA - MediTatt Areola Aesthetics
Really, really informative. Have watched it, then sections of it twice
Jasmine Harley
From Forrestfield Western Australia - MediTatt Areola Aesthetics
Audio Review of MediTatt Areola Aesthetics By Kris Adams Johnson from Griffith, Indiana USA