MediTatt Skin Science Essentials Book

Want more than a skin-deep understanding of your skin? Author Christine Comans tells you everything you ever wanted to know about your skin in her incredible new book, Skin Science Essentials


The Ultimate Guide to the Science of Your Skin

Want to Learn the Best Ways to Care for Your Skin According to Science?

Your skin is much more than just a wrapper for your body. Your skin is actually your largest organ and plays a critical role in your health. The scientific name for your skin is the integumentary system.

In Skin Science Essentials, Christine Comans explains the science behind your skin. She explains how your skin works, its role in keeping your healthy, and what you need to do to better care for your skin.

Inside of this book you will learn:

• What your skin really is
• The structure of your skin
• Functions of the integumentary system
• Skin diseases and disorders
• The best skin care routine according to science
• Everything you need to know about micro-needling
• And Much More

Each chapter provides you with a clear explanation of the science of your skin. After reading this book you will not only know more about your skin and how it works, but you will also have a better understanding of how to care for your skin and the importance of having the right personal skin care routine.

This is the perfect book for anyone interested in learning more about human skin and the science behind caring for the integumentary system.

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