Dark Brown MT805


MediTatt™ micropigmentation colours are developed for safety, high performance, natural-looking, colour results.

Dark Brown MT805 is a beautiful dark brown base areola colour. Perfect dark brown, specifically formulated for darker skin types providing a true brown colour without grey tones.

Ideal when used to create nipple circle, detail and texture throughout 3D nipple areola techniques when used on lighter MediTatt™ micropigmentation colours.

Fitzpatrick Skin Type III, IV, V & VI



MediTatt™ micropigmentation colours for areola cosmetic tattooing are made to the highest quality and safety standards.  

  • tested in an external, accredited analytical laboratory
  • vegan-friendly and developed without animal testing

MediTatt™ micropigmentation is a premium range of organic pigments. During the development of this range, we imposed stringent testing parameters to ensure each individual colour complied with our rigorous standards of performance. After much scrutiny our beautiful colour palette was born, providing you with quality ingredients and consistently beautiful colour outcomes.


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