Artyst by CHEYENNE 1-nano


The artyst™ safety cartridges we have put together for you here have been exclusively selected and tested by the best permanent makeup artists in the world.

All our PMU needle cartridges are equipped with a safety membrane to prevent the backflow of colors and bodily fluids entering the machine and the associated cross-contamination

We, as the manufacturer of artyst™ have invented and patented (patents US 8,029,527 / EP1618915 / US 8,770,542/ US 6,345,553) this technology as well as introduced it into the market through many different brands and products around the world many years ago.

Our selection of PMU needles is simple, yet effective. We have refrained from developing many different needle types that unnecessarily raise the price. With our small but fine selection of safety needle cartridges we manage to keep the production costs low and still offer you the highest possible quality and safety standard that the industry has to offer. Test our range of needles and you will find that we have everything you need as an artist.

Our artyst™ PMU and artyst™ by CHEYENNE needle range are your essential all-round toolbox.

Keep it simple and cost efficient!

How does the artyst™ needle cartridge module protect you and your clients?

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The new artyst™ by CHEYENNE needle cartridges were developed specially to offer you the extra kick you needed to slay the PMU world. This new generation of artyst™ needles include our bestsellers but now in a new modality: they are not only compatible with our PowerBabe machine but also with all tattoo devices from CHEYENNE and any other tattoo machine with the tattoo industry universal docking system. They provide you not only with the same highest safety, enhanced needle insertion and unique color flow as before but giving you maximum freedom and flexibility at a significantly lower cost.


  • Decreases machine vibration
  • Single-use cartridges
  • Special safety membrane to seal backflow of any fluids
  • Diameter 0,25 mm of single needle
  • Compatible with universal docking system
  • 1-Nano (N2) 10 pcs per box


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